Beta readers are those valuable individuals who read your manuscript (with no prior knowledge of the events) and give you detailed feedback on everything from plot to characters to pacing. Their role is to show a writer how a future reading audience will interpret and react to their work.

Once I finished editing my first draft, I was ready for beta readers!

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editing my manuscript

When it came time to edit, I was genuinely looking forward to the process. I know most writers tend to dread and loathe this phase, but for me it’s taking the story I already love and reshaping it into a better version of itself.

Yay, fun times!

Because I edit as I go when writing my first draft, I made the assumption that once I sat down to do the full-draft edits, I’d have it easy. Somehow I had convinced myself that I’d be done in two weeks.

Oh how wrong I was.

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The book is all down in one glorious first draft and I’m really excited/passionate about it. Now it’s time to take this draft and turn my good story into a great story that’ll satisfy readers.

Here is an outline of the steps I’ll be taking to improve my book:

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Hello Nov

November is here which means it’s time to say goodbye to pumpkin flavor season and hello to the far superior, peppermint flavor season.

It’s also National Novel Writing Month!

While NaNo isn’t for me, I do love what this month does for the writing community.

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The foundation basis for my current work in progress is an old idea.

This story is something which had been sitting on the back burner of my mind for years. While it simmered I wrote other stories and explored different genres. Finally, I decided to bring my concept to the forefront and began working on my fantasy story. I blended it with two other ideas I had brewing and ta-da! A book was born.

I’ve been a year and I’m still steadily working away at this manuscript.

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